Career coaching, Life coaching & Personal coaching.

What you can count on:

Whatever your specific coaching question is, you always get an idea of how and why you get stuck in realizing your goals and what you can do about them. You quickly feel more energy, which increases your effectiveness. Eventually you get overview, rest, purposefulness and result.

Why would you choose Robert Baars as a coach?

  • I quickly come to the core and coach very tightly
  • My approach is refreshing and inspiring
  • Not floaty or alternative!
  • You only deal with me; not with an impersonal organization
  • I help you making choices
  • I am not easily shocked and I am very discreet
  • My approach is effective, successful and result-oriented
  • No contractual obligation, no small print, no extra costs

Call or email me for questions or a free introductory meeting

My mail address is: info@baarscoaching.nl info@baarscoaching.nl 

My telephone number is: 06-17146754

I live and work at the Noordmolenwerf 89 in Rotterdam.

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About me:

One thinks I am a creative, energetic, inspiring and not always modest coach. I agree. Confronting comes easier to me than comforting. I estimate humor higher than being right. I am sometimes a bit unruly in my urge to motivate but I always love you. I am a qualified coach and counselor at Master Practitioner level and I am a career coach at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Willem de Kooning Academy.